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Zdjęcie MarcinaMarcin MorawskiMarcin na motocyklu

Has been diving since 1996. CMAS M2 instructor. Specialist training courses: Nitrox, Gas Blender, Ice Diving, Wreck Diving, Drysuit. Marcin has trained over 100 divers at different CMAS levels. Master in Genetic Biology at the University of Warsaw. A passionate dancer and dance instructor; acrobatic Rock’n’Roll, and ballroom dancing.


Zdjęcie AgnieszkiAgnieszka UlmanAgnieszka na MalcieMostek z Agnieszki w górach nad potokiem

In love with underwater world, which engrossed her from the very first dive. Specialist in social media and connecting with people. She dances acrobatic rock’n’roll, trains sporting acrobatics and enthusiastically gets involved with many activities.



Zdjęcie JędrzejaJędrzej DudkiewiczJędrzej na relaksieJędrzej w Alpach

Accuracy, reliability and kindness are his identifications. Another committed servant of the Neptun in our posse. Professionally editor and film critic. After work nice friend for everyone.

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